Really sorry about this but I’ve run into a difficult part of the script, run OUT of a buffer and also am very busy with real life things/other jobs right now. Saint’s Way will be back as soon as possible, I promise!

Update! 8/11/12

Hello, yes, apologies for the long hiatus. Things have finally slowed down and I have some time to think about Saint’s Way now and get back to working on it. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing some new pages soon.

Update! 7/1/13

This explanation for Saint’s Way continued hiatus is long-due so I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. As of right now I’m drawing the Steed and Mrs. Peel Ongoing series for BOOM! Studios. Around the same time I started my winter holiday and thought, ‘hey! I can work on Saint’s Way now!’, I was offered this job and Saint’s Way once again got pushed to the bottom of the pile. In addition to that, I’m a full-time student, so I’m juggling freelance work and my student work. Time is very hard to come by.

Going forward with Saint’s Way is still very much on my list of things to-do but I know some changes have to be made if I want to start drawing it again (like … cloning myself so I can work on two things at once).

Initially, I wanted to once again build up a buffer and post every Sunday as I did previously but this of course, would require some time to put together. What I want to know now from you, the readers, is how you feel about me instead posting a page whenever I find the time to squeeze one out – in a much more sporadic and less regular fashion. Would this be preferable – content is given when content is created instead of withheld in favour of a more regular update schedule?

Finally, some very kind volunteers over at have started translating Saint’s Way into French. Much thanks to them and their efforts!